Advanced Visual Systems announced Spatial Data Interface (June 1998)

Advanced Visual Systems Inc. (AVI), announce link to ESRI's Spatial Database Engine (SDE)

AVI's products allow visualization of 3D datasets and is incorporated into products from companies such as GeoQuest, PGS and Western. Oils such as Shell, Agip and Chevron use the AVS toolkits to view data from their in-house developments such as reservoir simulators. As horizontal (cross industry) software, AVS has an impressive client base with products and solutions in use at 2,000 companies and 12,000 sites around the world. AVS clients work in engineering, scientific, government, energy, medical and environmental applications. Recently, the company has begun to implement visual solutions for financial services and telecommunications. AVS claims around 30% of the market for visualization of E&P data.


The Spatial Data Interface (SDI) is a suite of modules that enable applications built using AVS/Express to access data from the ESRI SDE. Using the visual programming environment provided by AVS/Express, AVS’ flagship visualization product, users can:

Visually mine spatial databases.

Create a visual front-end to spatial databases.

Support images, elevation, and other multidimensional gridded data.

Use visual techniques to dynamically pose spatial queries.

Harry Cochran, President of Advanced Visual Systems, said that, "The combination of Spatial Database Engine from ESRI, advanced visualization software solutions from AVS, and more powerful hardware is enabling organizations to turn geospatial data into meaningful information for business decisions. Our new Spatial Data Interface lets users blend spatial queries and spatial analysis with data visualization to make the most of the data they have collected." More information from Bernie Buelow (1) 781-890-4300, ext. 2265,, URL:

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