Elf Exploration Production Selects GeoFrame for Project Database (June 1998)

Elf Exploration Production (Elf EP), technology company of the upstream activities operated by Elf worldwide, has selected the GeoFrame reservoir characterization system as its project database repository.

The selection of GeoFrame 3.0 follows a six-month internal evaluation of GeoFrame done in technical cooperation with GeoQuest staff in Paris and Houston. "We have foreseen a need to invest in our oilfield data administration within Elf by using modern technology and industry standards," said Gilles Rappeneau, senior vice-president of Elf EP-Technology. "GeoFrame was selected by our domain experts for its compliance to POSC standards and its proven capacity to behave as a data repository for the variety of applications that Elf EP is using from numerous vendors."

GeoQuest will provide installation, training and support services for deployment of GeoFrame in Elf's environments in France and its overseas subsidiaries. Deployment will begin in June at Elf EP technology centers in Paris and Pau, France. "We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with Elf Exploration Production to build a solid technological support to efficiently manage project data worldwide," said Francis Mons, vice president of GeoQuest Africa and Mediterranean.

As revealed in PDM Vol 1 No 4, Elf have previously selected CGG-PetroSystems' Petrovision data management product as the core of their technical data management system Archidex, based in the Exploration and Production division in Pau (France). Initially, Petrovision was to be closely coupled with Integral Plus, a joint CGG, Total and Elf developed integrated suite of E&P applications. The move to GeoFrame can therefore be said to represent a significant evolution of Project Data Store technology within Elf EP.

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