Panther automates data loading and confirms PetaSTAR alliance with Ovation Data Services (June 1998)

Panther Software Corp. have just announced a joint development with GeoQuest, of the industry's first fully automated post-stack seismic data loading software.

The Seismic Autoloader links the interpreter at the workstation directly through to the bulk data store. Stacked seismic stored near-line in the data warehouse will be accessible to the interpreter seamlessly. Through this agreement, Panther becomes the first seismic data management software vendor to license the GeoFrame Developers Kit (GFDK). "Panther looks forward to using the GFDK to extend the availability of our seismic data loading technology," says Brad Youmans, president, Panther Software Corp. "By integrating the expertise of our SEG-Y technology with GeoFrame, we will be able to deliver the functionality and value currently available to users of Landmark SeisWorks and Paradigm SeisX software to users of IESX and Charisma applications.

Seems seamless

Panther and GeoQuest are uniquely positioned to deliver seismic data seamlessly from a digital archive directly to a geoscientists' target application." The development of a seismic autoloader application will strengthen the technical integration path of Panther's core suite of data management libraries and products with the GeoFrame architecture. Panther Software's Mark Chidwick described the development to PDM as "the next generation in data loading software, but the first step in data management - which should be invisible to the user". Initially target repositories will be Schlumberger's SeisDB and the PowerHouse. The joint project development team, based in Calgary, expects to deliver a commercial release to customers by the third quarter of this year. In addition to Panther, GeoQuest has been licensed as a nonexclusive global remarketer of this unique Panther software. Panther will retain ownership of the developed technology.

1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes

In a separate announcement Panther have confirmed the strategic alliance with Ovation Data Services of Houston centered around the PetaSTAR geotechnical data management system. Featured in PDM Vol 2 N 11, PetaSTAR is a hardware-software-services offering. Front end technology from Panther and Ovation handles domain specific tasks such as managing E&P data types including seismic, well log, map, image files, text etc. The Storage and Archive Manager File System (SAM-FS) middleware from LSC Inc. running on a Sun Ultra Enterprise server then provides transparent access to bulk storage on hardware such as Sony's DMS automatic tape libraries, and DTF tape technology. The "Peta" in the product name refers to a possible storage capacity approaching one thousand million megabytes - a "petabyte". More information from Brad Youmans on Please note also the correct website for Panther is

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