PetroTrek selected by PGS as GeoBank front end. (June 1998)

The Information Store's PetroTrek Product has been selected as the basis of PGS Data Management's seismic sales and trade front-end for GeoBank.

Data Management are acquiring The Information Store (The Store)'s PetroTrek Seismic Sales and Trading System. Modified by PGS, PetroTrek is used to give an overview of the contents of PGS' GeoBank for prospective purchasers of seismic data. A Netscape client exposes a high level catalogue of seismic data that is either owned by, or available to the user. PetroTrek manages security and permissions so that a user is recognized and only shown data that he/she is entitled to see. Buyers can interactively browse and order data deposited on the system. Sellers, seismic data brokers and others, will also be able to access GeoBank through PetroTrek and will be provided with a record of who has bought what and when allowing for better market intelligence. Another PetroTrek module, Seismic Program Planning is already in use at PGS' Exploration subsidiary.

PetroTrek offers ;

intuitive access to available data stores regardless of base technology, vintage, or geographic location,

both geographical and text based views of data,

user access to a variety of data models including mixed legacy/new standards-based solutions,

selection, ordering and exporting of data,

Internet and Intranet technologies and communication protocols.

The Store has previously set up the US National Geoscience Repository (featured in PDM Vol 1 N 2), and is now focused on the production area with its Java-based PetroTrek environment.

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