Common Data Access appoints CEO, and moves away from all-online data storage (May 1998)

Malcom Fleming, formerly with Kestrel and latterly senior consultant with Paras has been appointed as CEO of the UK's National Data Repository, CDA.

This is a new position and it is the first time that CDA has appointed a full time Chief Executive. Previously member company appointees performed the management of CDA. John Foot, the CDA chairman said "The appointment of a CEO will bring new drive and focus to CDA as it embarks upon the next phase of its development as the UK's common, industry-owned petrotechnical data repository." Another CDA appointment concerns Brian Lucken who will be chairman of the Hard Copy Sub-Committee. Lucken, Data Administrator with Phillips Petroleum Company (UK) replaces Conoco's Isobel Elmslie.

Paul Duller (Amerada Hess) speaking at the PESGB's annual Data Management Seminar revealed further details of the next (seismic) phase of CDA. The driver for this latest phase is the DTI's release of oil company seismic data - a first for the UK, which has had no release mechanism for seismic data until now. CDA is no longer attempting to build a repository for seismic data, which is considered too large a dataset. The new strategy is to establish links to contractors’ data banks, on line or near line, to tape storage companies and oil company data stores. CDA's seismic phase will be fully virtual.

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