PI/Dwights announces new version of P2000 and roll out of PetroDirect (May 1998)

PI have announced version 2.0 of the P2000 E&P data management system and also a new on-line data service - PetroDirect.

P2000, the PPDM based data management system designed to store well, production, seismic and lease data is now installed in a number of oil company client sites such as Marathon, Amerada Hess and Chevron. On the service side, it is the main repository for all of PI/Dwights (PI/D) massive North American and North Sea data stets. Intriguingly, the product is also used by Landmark's parent company Halliburton! PI (ERICO), PI's UK subsidiary recently completed the migration of its entire European Well DataBank - a database of Well attributes which includes tops, directional surveys, checkshots, log engineering, wireline and DST test data - into P2000. Data quality control is an important facet of P2000 with, for instance, the maintenance of consistent units of measure throughout the model. "P2000 provides us and our clients with a consistent, clean, high quality data set based on an industry leading data model, the Public Petroleum Data Model (PPDM)," says Colin Gray, manager of Data Management Services. "For example, P2000 is being used by ourselves and our clients to routinely handle large volumes of well and production data. PI/D in the US recently loaded its entire well and production data (some 2.8 million wells) from a mainframe into P2000 in just 4 weeks!"

Round the clock

PI/D are also launching PetroDirect-the new online delivery service for exploration data. Customers can now review, order and receive comprehensive value-added exploration data sets using the Internet. "PetroDirect, will supply a better and speedier service to customers by providing a wide range of exploration data types, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout the world," says Keith Neal, Managing Director. He adds, "PetroDirect will provide direct access to value-added data from several thousand released wells in Northwest Europe, as well as data from a substantial number of wells from around the world."

E-commerce "reality"

The online service consists of a browser linked across the Internet to PI’s integrated information server, which makes available digital wireline log data, well attribute data including formation tops, checkshots, directional surveys, core, DSTs, other test data, and also the company's reinterpreted formation pressure data. Customer information, data availability and delivery are handled by the information server. The browser contains a map-based catalogue of the Northwest European datasets including all UK and Irish data, in addition to data from other countries worldwide, and is intuitive to use. After completing security checks, the customer simply selects an area of interest from the map, then identifies the wells of interest and the required data types. Upon confirmation by the customer of the order, the information server then collates and delivers the data across the Internet immediately or at a customer’s specified time. Says Neal, "Electronic commerce through the Internet is now a reality and we see the online delivery service as a natural extension of our existing services. PI is investing considerable resources into providing IT services to customers of which the online delivery service is one. We have a program to add many other complementary data sets, such as the DTI scanned image libraries including indexed well reports. This year will also see the addition of significant volumes of seismic data. Users will immediately realize the benefits in using this service, in preference to the outmoded and inefficient data delivery systems that are prevalent in the industry today." More info from PI (ERICO)’s website at http://www.petinf.co.uk.

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