Paras announces the Knowledge Management Collaboration (May 1998)

Paras, the Theseus Institute and POSC, with sponsorship from Schlumberger-GeoQuest, have announced the Knowledge Management Collaboration (KMC) project.

The KMC is described as "an ambitious schedule of individual company workshops, group discussions and in-depth research on the role and application of knowledge management in the oil exploration and production industry". KMC's project manager, Paras' Hamish Wilson stated "an industry-wide dialogue is the only effective way of funding and managing the resources needed to undertake such an ambitious and important program." Theseus is an international management institute in Sophia Antipolis, France where a knowledge management competence center has recently been inaugurated. Charles Despres and Daničlle Chauvel of Theseus will focus this expertise on issues affecting the KMC. The KMC's goals are to :

Explore and define excellent knowledge management practice in complementary businesses and consider how this can be applied to E&P

Enable participating companies to make evidence-based decisions on the role of knowledge management in E&P

Help each company chose the best technique and service provider

The KMC will start up in May 1998 and is seeking additional sponsors. Companies interested, and with $25,000 to chip in are invited to contact either Tamzin Howard of Paras on +44 (0) 1983 528700, or Struby Overton of POSC at +1 (713) 784-1880.

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