98A release of ECLIPSE suite announced (May 1998)

GeoQuest has just announced a new release - '98A' of the Eclipse reservoir simulation software.

98A includes the following applications:

ECLIPSE Simulators-ECLIPSE 100, ECLIPSE 300 and ECLIPSE 500

Pre-Processors-EDIT, FILL, GRID, PSEUDO, PVTi, VFPi and SimOpt

Post-Processors-GRAF, RTView and FloViz.

New to the ECLIPSE suite of software is SimOpt, which optimizes the history-matching phase of reservoir simulation studies. SimOpt allows the simulator to calculate the sensitivity of the simulation results to changes in the values of particular parameters, and offers an interface for managing the sensitivity analysis and results. "The key contribution of SimOpt is that it allows you to assess, in a fraction of the time it has previously taken, the validity of your history match," said George Steinke, vice president of Marketing and Business Development for GeoQuest. Another new application released with 98A is FloViz advanced three-dimensional visualization software. Spatial data input to and output from the ECLIPSE simulators can be displayed with FloViz. This new visualization capability reveals aspects of the simulation model not readily apparent through normal two-dimensional displays.


One of the advanced features of ECLIPSE is a new parallel option, which enables the computations involved in running a single ECLIPSE model to be divided among a number of different processors on a parallel architecture computer. By splitting the work and arranging for the calculations on the different processors to run in parallel, the total run time for the model can be reduced substantially. "For the user with access to parallel architecture hardware, it dramatically reduces run times without sacrificing either robustness or the full range of available features in ECLIPSE," said Steinke. The parallel option can be run on the IBM RS/6000 SP system, the Silicon Graphics Onyx2 or Origin2000 systems and on the Sun Microsystems Enterprise Servers. In tests, a one-million-cell fully implicit black oil model was run "in a few hours". Before the release of the parallel option to ECLIPSE, this simulation would have taken many days.

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