Petroleum Data Manager Interoperability Survey (May 1998)

PDM has polled industry leaders on their visions of how interoperability of E&P applications may become a reality-perhaps within a three-year time frame.

We have been somewhat overwhelmed by the response to our request for information (and opinion) on the subject of interoperability that we launched after last month's issue. We asked a number of leading protagonists of data modeling, E&P computing and interoperability specialists the following questions.

Where are we today with regard to E&P data modeling and software interoperability?

How could interoperability be achieved in a reasonable time frame - say less than 3 years?

What is your position on business objects?

What is the role of a large data model such as Epicentre deployment for interoperability?

Are there are any other routes to interoperability than using a vendor API.

We expected a couple of paragraphs from our respondents, but we were deluged by lengthy and well-argued essays on the subject. So instead of grouping all the replies into a single article, we will be publishing them separately. The first contribution appropriately comes from David Archer, CEO of the Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC) whose workings have been directed towards that elusive goal of interoperability for nearly a decade now.

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