GISWeb provides flexible low bandwidth access to multiple data sources (April 1998)

Agip, in cooperation with GeoQuest EAME, havedeveloped a web browser for Finder/Enterprise and other data sources.

The main design constraints were to provide access to geographically dispersed data throughout AGIP's world wide operations, over low bandwidth links, and to access heterogeneous E&P data stores. Technology involves a three tier structure with the GISWeb Java client talking through CORBA links and a "dispatch middleware" to CORBA data servers grafted onto a variety of standard E&P data stores. This technology is connectable to any type of E&P data store by the association of a CORBA driver which allows the existing datastore to remain unchanged. Servers have been developed for Petroconsultants' IRIS21, AGIP's Forall environment and GeoFrame. Maps are drawn vectorially on the client screen and can be zoomed, panned and selected. Intelligent scale-sensitive data transmission economizes on bandwidth and ensures reasonable performance even over low bandwidth internet connections. Apart from the Java client, another version of the tool also exists as a Finder Smartmap client. This works in a similar way to GeoQuest's GeoWeb product except that it is not limited to a single pre-defined Finder map, and access to foreign data is facilitated. Herve Ganem described the job of converting third party data stores to run as CORBA data servers as "relatively simple" emphasizing that the data in the original data stores required no modification for this technology to work. Paul Haines (GeoQuest's Head of Data Management Product Planning) told PDM "These local-level developments are of considerable interest to us in the GeoQuest software division. They provide us with feedback on customer requirements and deliver working prototypes of software modules. We track such efforts closely and will integrate the results of such efforts into our product line if client demand is there".

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