ProMIS an Automated Information Factory (April 1998)

GeoQuest's Vlad Skvortsov introduced theconcept of the Automated Information Factory (AIF) - which offers production engineersinformation from different sources and different disciplines often stored at differentlocations, to different quality standards, versions and perhaps integrating paper data.

Ideally the same data should serve for studies at various timescales - reservoir (long term); field management (monthly) and well management (daily). The AIF intends to merge all these scales of observation in a Pilenko-esque datastore centered on Finder, but integrating web access and the use of Oil Field Manager PC based end-use tools.

Finder is presented in the role of a data hub with data sources and sinks such as real-time, field data, paper based data sources, 3rd party digital data, Office apps and analytical software. The AIF - (aka ProMIS) wraps all this up into a single data source, with automatic data capture and loading. Skvortsov claims that today we spend 90% of the available time in data preparation and only 10% on analysis, tomorrow, ProMIS is set to reverse this. These tools rely on the extendibility of Finder using Oracle technology to constitute an application database. In other words there will not be one massive database for all applications.

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