GeoGraphix acquires Vantage Software (April 1998)

Vantage Software and its DSS-32 to beintegrated into the GeoGraphix suite

Landmark's GeoGraphix subsidiary - the PC-based software arm of the group - has completed the acquisition of Vantage Software, Inc. for an undisclosed sum. Vantage Software provides Windows-based production mapping and surveillance software based. Vantage Software’s Dynamic Surveillance System 32 for Windows (DSS-32 ), is described as a "proven and full-featured software system designed for production and reservoir engineers to quickly monitor and analyze project performance on a single or group of oil and/or gas wells". DSS-32 is an open environment and is data model independent, providing access to a wide variety of data sources, via Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Excel; Oracle and Sybase as well as any ODBC-compliant database. Robert P. Peebler, Landmark president and CEO stated "We believe there is no other software available that provides the flexibility and openness to such a variety of data sources. Production and reservoir engineers can make better engineering decisions with a visual tool that quickly identifies production trends, and resulting opportunities for workovers and infill well locations." More information from

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