The Petroleum Industries' Flagship Solution (March 1998)

CGG sets up US marketing subsidiary forStratimagic.

"Overwhelmed" by the demand for its Stratimagic seismic analysis package (featured in PDM Vol. 2 N 1) - CGG has set up a new company Flagship Geosciences L.L.C., Operating in the United States and Canada as a partner of CGG, Flagship Geosciences has exclusive rights for the distribution of Stratimagic, CGG Petrosystems' revolutionary software for seismic analysis, and other related products. According to David Borde, CEO of Flagship Geosciences "Flagship Geosciences is committed to providing the solutions to meet the growing needs of geoscientists to enhance seismic interpretation, to better detect geological features and relate seismic data to rock properties." Eric Deliac, Executive VP of CGG, in charge of its Geoscience Division, says: "Stratimagic is a software product with enormous potential. Integrated with leading providers of 3-D seismic interpretation workstations, Stratimagic is an essential and enabling component to the E&P workflow, providing the information necessary to make better informed business decisions. Flagship Geoscience will ensure quality support to our US and Canadian customers".

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