Full text of Gate's address (March 1998)

'Good morning, I'm Bill Gates CEO of Microsoft.'

At Microsoft, we're very excited about the strategic direction that Landmark Graphics has chosen. By developing and delivering applications on Windows NT and selecting the Component Object Model as the mechanism for interoperability, Landmark has taken a leading role in the integration of energy technology. As Landmark develops applications that are critical to the oil and gas industry, Microsoft is committed to making sure you have access to the resources you need to build the best applications possible. We're starting to see broad acceptance of Windows NT in different industries that require highly scalable and scientific solutions. Microsoft's industry partners such as Intel, HP, SGI, Compaq and Digital are doing great work to develop new, progressive high-performance workstations using Windows NT.

A major reason for the success of Windows NT is its interoperability with mainframes and UNIX systems. Our COM-based initiatives make interoperability a reality between Windows-based applications and applications that are not Windows-based. This interoperability allows customers to take advantage of COM and Windows NT while maintaining their investments in existing applications and systems. Microsoft wants to help you preserve your investment while enhancing your future applications capabilities by providing a consistent foundation that can be deployed at all levels, from discovering energy sources beneath the Earth's surface to delivering products and services to consumers. Even more broadly, Microsoft has made a strategic commitment to endorse and facilitate COM based standards development in many industries as an open process. We are ready to work with Landmark, energy companies and standards organizations to help ensure that interoperability is an open process. Thank you.

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