Landmark Announces Y2K Initiative (March 1998)

The clock is ticking - are you ready for theyear 2000? Does it matter?

Landmark Graphics Corporation has announced its commitment to ensure its software applications meet E&P industry requirements for Year 2000. Compliance completion is scheduled for the second half of 1998, with general product availability scheduled during the first half of 1999. Landmark began focusing on Year 2000 compliance during 1996 with the testing of its Release 97 application suite. In addition, Landmark has adopted the British Standards Institute Year 2000 Conformity guidelines. These guidelines are found in the BSI-DISC PD2000-1: "A Definition of Year 2000 Requirements" Document Set by a consortium of E&P companies and other industry leaders. These guidelines define the requirements that must be satisfied in E&P computer applications that use dates and times. Landmark has selected Data Dimensions, Inc. to assist in the planning, preparation, and implementation of its Year 2000 project, to ensure full compliance. Data Dimensions has provided successful millennium update services for more than 150 organizations worldwide, including numerous Fortune 500 companies.

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