Landmark subsumes EnerTech Product Line (March 1998)

Halliburton is to move the EnerTech drillingsoftware division into Landmark

Landmark's parent company Halliburton has moved its EnerTech software division into Landmark's Drilling and Well Services group to "create the industry's broadest suite of drilling and well services software solution". Landmark's John Gibson estimates that "more than 70 percent of activities associated with the planning, execution and post analysis of drilling wells are still done on paper. Landmark provides the broadest suite of software, combined with our consulting experts, to extend operators' capabilities and improve their processes as they cope with the current shortage of trained drilling engineers, as well as the accelerating pressures associated with the availability and cost of rigs". Landmark's suite of drilling and well service solutions includes DIMS for Windows, COMPASS, StressCheck, WELLPLAN, WellCat, and CasingSeat. Peter C. Bernard, a 13-year veteran of Halliburton and formerly EnerTech's director, Global Account Management has been named Landmark's product vice president, Drilling and Well Services. "Our highly-experienced team of petroleum and mechanical engineers, geologists, and others are delivering some of the most effective solutions available on the market today. At the same time, we are developing new levels of integration with Landmark's open environment for exploration and production so that drilling departments and operators can take full advantage of the wealth of information and models now available."

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