Sapphire Iris21 Office Automation link from Stephenson and Associates. (March 1998)

A new tool from Stephenson and Associateslinks Petroconsultants data to Office Automation.

Consultants Stephenson and Associates (S&A) announce the availability of SApphire - a plug in for Petroconsultants' IRIS21 software which offers "a state of the art interface to IRIS21 that is easy to use." SApphire was originally developed under contract to Shell where it was installed during 1997. S&A now have eight oil company clients for SApphire, with more installations planned in the near future. The first module to be developed was for IRIS21. The Finder and OpenRSO modules are currently under development and modules for other data stores will follow soon, according to client priorities. SApphire uses the Oracle Web Server to interface with Oracle databases. The SApphire system allows you to browse and download corporate data from your PC or Workstation. The latest web technology is used to allow you to access your data stores, using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, and download data to spreadsheets or other desktop tools. Sapphire supports IRIS21, Finder and OpenRSO data formats. More info from Helen Stephenson and

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