Odegaard and PetroSoft to team (February 1998)

Working on the cutting edge of geophysics -the calibration of seismics to lithology - seismic specialist Odegaard is to team withStanford spin-off PetroSoft to offer high tech modeling for AVO and reservoir description.

San Hose (CA) based PetroSoft Inc. is to link up with Odegaard A/S - best known for their OSIRIS synthetic seismogram software. PetroSoft is an outgrowth of the Stanford Rock and Borehole Geophysics (SRB) Project headed by Amos Nur. PetroSoft began as a research project to create a convenient rock physics software application. This application became known as PetroTools. Development of PetroTools software (for the Unix workstation platform) was guided and funded by a group of 20 major exploration and production companies. Now the software is available to all interested parties. There are currently over 150 copies of PetroTools world-wide in about 50 companies or organizations. PetroTools is intended for anyone doing seismic modeling, amplitude versus offset (AVO) interpretation, seismic production monitoring, or reservoir description. The recent hook up with Odegaard is intended to offer integrated computer modeling of complex structures which should be particularly applicable to the analysis of deepwater plays such as the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil and West Africa. In all these areas, AVO effects are said to be a challenge to accurate seismic interpretation. Copenhagen-based Odegaard is to become an official reseller of the PetroTools suite which will allow Odegaard to offer this technology alongside its own OSIRIS seismic modeling package. The companies intend to forge closer software links in the future.


Kim Gunn Maver, deputy managing director of Odegaard said "The cooperation with PetroTools means that we can tie advanced petrophysical modeling data from well log information to our own seismic modeling software. It should provide companies with a powerful new option for evaluating complications in seismic interpretation such as AVO effects." The linkage of OSIRIS and PetroTools allows petrophysical information such as sand shale ration, porosity and saturation obtained from logs to be tied directly to seismic data via seismic modeling. OSIRIS seismic modeling offers full 3D elastic waveform modeling for 1D models. Up and down going P and S waves can be separated and anisotropy estimated. More information from PetroSoft on info@petrosoft.com and Odegaard at +45 35 26 60 11

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