Oz Yilmaz joins Paradigm (January 1998)

Oz Yilmaz, erstwhile research geophysicist atWestern Geophysical and author of the chef-d'oeuvre Seismic Data Processing (SEGInvestigations in Geophysics N 2.) has joined Paradigm Geophysical as Managing Directorof the Europe-Africa-Middle East (EAME) region.

Yilmaz states that Paradigm "pioneered the shift in paradigm from time- to depth-domain analysis of seismic data". The company now has over 100 employees at four regional offices - Houston, London, Singapore and Beijing, and a "talented research and development team dedicated to developing the technology needed for in-depth solutions in exploration and development of oil and gas fields". For additional information, email info@geodepth.com.

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