New wide-screen visualization service and seismic processing center from Veritas(December 1998)

Veritas DGC Inc. is to deploy asupercomputer-based visualization center in Houston, and is opening a seismic processingshop in Aberdeen.

Veritas DGC's Data Visualization Center is designed to allow asset teams of geoscientists to collaborate on interpretation and quality control of large volumes of 3D data. The Center will be primarily used as a value-added service to data library clients and displays and manipulates extensive 3D datasets. Dale Bowering, VP of Business Development for Veritas Marine Surveys claims "This gives a real advantage in establishing the ‘big picture’ in the reconnaissance stage of exploration. A lot of ground can be covered very quickly, producing results in a fraction of the time taken using conventional methods."


Powered by Silicon Graphics Onyx2 RealityMonster supercomputer, the center includes a main workroom theater with an 18-by-7 foot rear projection viewing screen, as well as four private interpretation/visualization workrooms, allowing multiple teams to work simultaneously. The Silicon box is linked to Veritas’ NEC supercomputers over a high-speed fiber link. The Center allows for data quality control throughout the processing stage, where potential problems can be identified and resolved early and is being used in interpretation and quality control of Veritas’ new non-exclusive 3D prestack depth migration program in the deep water Gulf of Mexico.

21st center

Veritas are also to install what will be its 21st processing center in Aberdeen. Equipped with Hewlett Packard C-class workstations, the center will perform 2D and 3D data processing services, as well as enhanced services such as depth migration velocity model building, amplitude variation with offset processing, modeling and inversion. "The processing center will significantly improve our service to the U.K. based oil companies, many of whom are located in Aberdeen." says Ian Thornton, Vice President of Data Processing for Veritas EAME.

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