Egyptian National Data Repository contract awarded to CGG-PECC (December 1998)

The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation(EGPC), a government agency and parent company of the upstream General Petroleum Company(GPC) is to implement a National Data Repository (NDR) as part of the Corporate DataManagement Project

The Corporate Data Management Project aims to preserve EGPC data, reduce costs associated with storing and handling magnetic media and associated documents, improve access to legacy and future archives and generally to enhance data management within the EGPC. The solution provides for the migration of existing data (seismic field and processed, associated documents, navigation and well data) to the new repository and for the integration of the system with into EGPC's existing IT infrastructure.

Fourth NDR

PetroVision, CGG-PECC's E&P Databank Management System will be deployed to provide what is described as a "POSC (Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation) Epicentre-compliant" solution. CGG-PECC are doing pretty well in the National Data Repository stakes and are undoubtedly benefiting from IBM’s retreat from this market. The Egyptian NDR follows on from the Algerian, and UK NDR’s and represents the seventh PetroVision sale (by PDM’s reckoning). PetroVision utilizes an Oracle database and an ArcView-based GIS front end. CGG-PECC, is the IT and Data Management Services division of CGG (Compagnie Générale de Géophysique). More from

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