Stratigraphy improved as well visualization software moves offshore (December 1998)

Oilfield-Systems GeoScene well pathvisualization software now boasts improved zonal schemes and correlation of horizontalwell paths. Deployed on Shell Expro’s North Sea Kingfisher well, GeoScene contributedto an estimated $1 million saving on drilling costs.

GeoScene 4.0 features include a new zonal correlation capability, improved horizontal well correlation, new fault handling, improved 3D visualisation and better data connectivity. Nico Chart, GeoScene Product Development Manager says, "This release represents a huge leap forward in geological capability. Users can now define hierarchical zones based on lithology, sequence stratigraphy or any other facies scheme. Zones can be correlated and assigned properties for calculation or for export to reservoir mapping and modeling systems".

Stretch and flip

Enhancements to the workflow for reservoir description and volumetric calculation are also reported. Designed by Oilfield’s Matthew Cheshire, GeoScene 4.0 now includes enhanced facility for correlating horizontal wells allowing users to stretch and flip the correlation cursor to compensate for the deviation of the well. ‘Part well’, segments can be generated and slid up or down, allowing fault zones to be correlated and a true stratigraphic view constructed. GeoScene uses the plug and play interface from DAEX for data transfer. GeoScene has proved critical in designing and drilling highly deviated wells on Shell Expro’s Kingfisher field in the North Sea.


The first highly deviated well on the Kingfisher structure encountered problems with hard rock layers kicking it off-track; impacting the straightness of the well, the rate of penetration and the ability to steer into the optimum part of the reservoir. Using the mobile GeoScene, Shell Expro achieved more rapid operational decisions. Data was shared with the Aberdeen office where an identical database was maintained. Engineers and geologists at the well site were thus able to see the same data and interpretation as at the head office and incorporate them in their decision making. The previous horizontal hole took six weeks to drill. Using the mobile GeoScene system a straighter hole with greater reach and higher net-to-gross took three and a half weeks. An estimated saving of over 1 million ($1.6 million) is claimed. More on GeoScene 4.0 from 

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