PDM goes digital with release of CD-ROM Archive (December 1998)

With the January 1999 month’s issue ofPetroleum Data Manager you will be receiving the first edition of PDM on CD-ROM.

PDM on CD-ROM has been developed with sponsorship from the following leading E&P IT and data management software and service vendors :

CGG Data Management


Georex AT

IHS Energy

Kelman Archives

Landmark Graphics Corporation

PGS Data Management

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support. The CD-ROM includes the full text of the first two years (1996 and 1997) of Petroleum Data Manager together with comprehensive indexes.

Valuable resource

Also on the CD is useful information and white papers from the sponsors, making PDM on CD-ROM a valuable resource for E&P IT specialists and data managers. The CD-ROM has been designed to be run from the CD itself, no software other than a web browser supporting frames needs to be installed on the workstation. Subscribers to PDM will receive one copy of a single user license to use the CD on a workstation. Copying or deploying the software in a multi-user environment is prohibited. Multi-user site licenses for LAN/WAN/Intranet deployment will be available from The Data Room, as will Volume III together with monthly electronic updates. Call The Data Room on +33 1 4623 9596, email pdm@the-data-room.com for more information on these products.

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