QC Data Acquires GeoSyn Software Ltd. (December 1998)

QC Data Petroleum Services Ltd. has acquiredall interests in GeoSyn Software Ltd., vendors of a Windows-based synthetic seismogram andlog modeling program.

QC Data is to integrate the new software from GeoSyn with its AccuMap GIS browser. "The ability of a geophysicist or geologist to create a synthetic seismogram by simply clicking on a well will save hours of time." explained Kevin Angus, co-founder of GeoSyn. John Redfern, President of QC Data's Petroleum Services Division said "We have already started integrating the powerful functionality of GeoSyn's software, which will allow oil and gas professionals to work efficiently with our existing digital well log database through AccuMap." 

75 clients

The software will also be marketed as a stand-alone product both within Canada and internationally. GeoSyn was developed by Jim Wylie and Kevin Angus and is currently in use at approximately 75 oil companies, locally and internationally. GeoSyn 2D is a stratigraphic modeling program that allows the user to create zones with blocked velocity and density values or interpolate velocity and density information from well logs. More from Rob Meurin on (403) 270-1405

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