Advanced Visual Systems Announces Support for Oracle8i (December 1998)

Visualization software from Advanced VisualSystems Inc. (AVS) of San Francisco is now compatible with Oracle’s Internet-focusedOracle8i database management system.

Oracle’s new database for internet computing will be the engine for new internet solutions to be developed by Advanced Visual Systems (AVS). AVS will combine its visualization solutions with Oracle8i and Oracle8i Spatial, Oracle’s latest technology for spatial data management, to allow AVS customers to develop Internet-based solutions. AVS technology will allow customers in industries including oil and gas to deploy solutions based on the AVS Spatial Data Interface (SDI) and the Oracle Spatial technology. These new solutions will support visual exploration, analysis and communication of data and contribute to "business intelligence being derived from the volumes of data managed by Oracle8i".

More Beans please!

According to Harry Cochran, CEO of Advanced Visual Systems, "Internet based applications are becoming increasingly common, and AVS is committed to providing solutions for our customers to take full advantage of this new trend. Oracle8i's support of emerging standards such as Enterprise Java Beans will enable software components to interact with each other based on industry standard interfaces. This allows AVS to help customers create their visualization solutions faster and deploy them throughout the enterprise at a substantial savings with reduced risk." AVS software will be delivered early to mid 1999. In addition to support of Oracle8i Spatial, support for Oracle8i InterMedia and Oracle8i Time-Series will provide AVS customers with data-fusion capabilities to further enhance their visualization solutions. More from and

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