GeoQuest buys OTS software and revamps PowerPlan (November 1998)

GeoQuest has acquired drilling software fromOil Technology Services which will integrate the PC-based Drilling Office Suite. The suitenow also includes a new version of PowerPlan.

GeoQuest has acquired the TDAS Tubular Design and Analysis System and WEST Wellbore Simulated Temperatures programs from Oil Technology Services (OTS). TDAS provides triaxial stress, API load capacity and connection analysis to recently adopted ISO criteria for any casing or tubing string. WEST is a finite difference application that offers both steady-state and transient temperature predictions for a variety of wellbore flow conditions. WEST's field-tested technology lets drilling and completion engineers simulate injection, production, forward and reverse circulation, shut-in conditions, and waiting-on-cement time. "TDAS and WEST are based on over 20 years of proven engineering experience," said Erich Klementich, director of Oil Technology Services.


"This rule-based software is unique in the E&P industry and enables the user to quickly and accurately assess pipe requirements for any well." The noncommercial technology assets that are being acquired will become part of GeoQuest's technological base from which additional drilling and production products will be developed for the Drilling Office. Another Drilling Office compnent, PowerPlan has been revamped. PowerPlan 3.0 combines technology from Schlumberger Oilfield Services and GeoQuest and is already in use with Anadrill and IPM, both at the wellsite and in the planning office. PowerPlan is furthermore described as "part of GeoQuest's POSC-compliant GeoFrame project database and centerpiece for application integration, which enables sharing of data among applications and disciplines".

PDM comment – the most interesting aspect of this press release in our opinion is the last paragraph. We have asked GeoQuest for further information on exactly how this PC – based software (some very recently acquired from OTS) benefits from POSC compliance, or exactly how it integrates the UNIX – based world of GeoFrame. So far no reply has been forthcoming. If anyone out there can enlighten us on how the PC-UNIX-POSC circle has been squared in this context, and whether the POSC compliant tag was added in the design or marketing phase, please let us know.

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