PETREL- 3D Visualization, 3D Mapping and 3D Reservoir Modeling (November 1998)

TechnoGuide has released PETREL forWindows-based 3D visualization, Mapping and Reservoir Modeling.

The first version of PETREL, PETREL99, is described as an "easy to use shared earth modeling tool". Faulted 2D and 3D grids describing a complex reservoir setting can be set up and used to model petrophysical properties, perform volumetrics and design well trajectories. The Windows platform makes reporting, plotting and interactions with other Windows applications easy with copy/paste of graphics from PETREL to PowerPoint as one example. PCs have proven to be capable of performing very well on large data sets and are no longer a constraint on project size. Processors, RAM and graphics limitations are all eliminated, making PCs and Windows software "a real alternative for cost minded geoscientists and managers". More information from

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