Oil and Gas Industry Benchmarking Facility Opens (November 1998)

Designed to demonstrate the capabilities ofSLQ Server and 64 bit NT vs UNIX, the Resource 2000 Group is opening an ApplicationTechnology Evaluation Center in El Segundo, California.

The Center will offer application technology and performance evaluation services to the Oil and Gas Industry with emphasis on demonstrating the potential for Windows NT 5.0 and SQL Server 7.0 for upstream applications. Planned projects include, evaluating the performance of Oracle UNIX against Oracle NT 5.0 and Oracle UNIX against SQL Server 7.0 using real industry-supplied data and applications. The current hardware configuration consists of a Compaq Alphaserver 4100 with 5 GBytes of 64-bit memory and 140 GBytes of Storage and an IBM Netfinity 5500 M10 with the new Intel Pentium Xeon Processors and 20 Gbytes of Storage. The AlphaServer will be focused on Enterprise NT 5.0 (64-bit NT) and the Netfinity will be using NT 4.0 both addressing applications using SQL Server 7.0 and 3rd party applications. There will be a "modest" administration fee related to using the Center. For more information call Resource 2000 Group on (1) 310.414.0838 or www.r2kgroup.com.

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