Statoil to deploy 'Decisionarium' (November 1998)

Landmark Graphics Corporation, Statoil, andSilicon Graphics have delivered a remote site-to-site virtual reality environment from theLandmark Houston facility to Statoil's Advanced Visualization Center (AVC) in Stavanger.The AVC is set to offer 'intercontinental interpretation and wellbore planning withina virtual reality environment'

Landmark and Statoil are working together to realize Statoil's vision of providing worldwide visualization environments. These environments will be created to host "asset team evaluations", working collaboratively to make interpretation and wellbore planning decisions. Core technology includes VR-enabled OpenVision, SeisWorks, VIP, Wellbore Planner, OpenWorks, and OpenJournal. Silicon Graphics' hardware and software provided the infrastructure for high performance visualization that included real-time interaction with a Silicon Graphics Onyx2 workstation for visual supercomputing, and a large Trimension Systems multi-channel display screen with remote screen synchronization in an immersive virtual reality environment.

Decisions, decisionariums..

Landmark’s Bob Peebler stated "Delivering a true remote collaboration environment for 3D visualization of the earth's subsurface is a remarkable accomplishment. The goal of this effort is to leverage decision-making expertise and knowledge in a shared data management and visualization environment. Landmark facilities, called Decisionariums, are designed to effectively operate in a cross-functional environment to help make exploration, drilling, and production decisions - faster and more accurately."

Learning organization

Harald Norvik, Statoil CEO, stated during the demonstration, "The opening of Statoil's Advanced Visualization Center in Stavanger, Norway is witness to a technological breakthrough. As a learning organization in a global environment, our ability to collaborate across organizational, geographical and professional boundaries is crucial to our success as corporations. Today, we are experiencing an example where all these boundaries are being crossed. We will see people belonging to different companies, in different continents and from different disciplines working together."

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