New functions for George (November 1998)

George, a Windows 95/NT – basedapplication for generating digital or hardcopy maps from a global geographic vectordatabase now includes CGM and Landmark Metafile output. George is supplied populated withdata from the Digital Chart of the World.

George is a vector mapping application bundled with features include coastlines, land and sea cover, and layered cultural data. Textual information includes up to date country names, cities, towns, and other geographical features. The application allows the user to select an area of the world, buildup and view a map on their screen. The map can then be exported to a file (DXF, CGM, XGEO, Landmark Metafile etc.) or printed to any Windows printer or large format plotter. All the data and application is supplied on one CD-ROM. George can output to DXF, CGM certain ASCII files (such as XGEO, Landmark Metafile) and several graphics formats (BMP, JPG etc.) and can interface with Autocad, Microstation, ArcView, ArcInfo, MapInfo, XGEO, Landmark, Corel Draw, Freehand etc. More information from

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