Release 98 at last! (November 1998)

Landmark has just announced the delivery ofRelease 98 – the synchronized release of over 50 of Landmark’s UNIX and Windowsapplications.

Landmark has just announced the second synchronized release of its E&P software suite, Release 98. Promising a nirvana of "shared data and knowledge", Release 98 is claimed to offer better integration thanks to the OpenWorks "POSC migration" and from the integration of project, regional, or enterprise-level databases with OpenExplorer. This integration will allow teams to "share and work with the same data, at the same time, in a common environment". Landmark also claims reduced interpretation cycle time with EarthCube by combining a full 3D interpretation system, well planning, and high performance on both Sun and Silicon Graphics workstations. Release 98 is a concurrent release that will allow companies to install and deploy an entire integration information solution at one time. To rapidly employ the benefits of Release 98, Landmark offers services in training, assistance in designing and implementing new workflows, assessment of hardware and software configurations, data migration to the new OpenWorks data model, and tuning to achieve optimal performance. John W. Gibson, executive vice president of the Landmark Integrated Products Group, claims that Release 98 "provides improvements to performance by 200% or greater for initialization across most applications".

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