Oracle Object Database Design Seminar (October 1998)

The Public Petroleum Data Model (PPDM)Association has arranged for Oracle Corporation to offer a one day seminar on ObjectDatabase Design on Tuesday, November 3, 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The seminar is being scheduled in conjunction with the PPDM Fall Conference '98 being held November 2-6, 1998. Both the Oracle seminar and the follow-up PPDM workshop will be facilitated by Doug Benson. The seminar offers a grounding in new Object-Relational data modeling and database design methodology. This methodology is implemented using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation in Oracle's Object Database Designer (ODD) Type Diagrams. UML diagrams allow the data model to utilize the new object-relational features of Oracle 8 schema design and DDL. Contact: Carla Jones 1-800-363-3059 Ext. 2486

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