Cost Savings claimed for 3D Survey Planning (October 1998)

Tobin International of San Antonio, Texas isproducing 'Digital Ortho Maps' (DOMs) - combining satellite imagery, aerialphotography and quality base maps into a single product.

A Tobin client, Steven J. Sahinen, 3-D Seismic Operations Manager at DDD Energy of Houston says of Tobin’s new mapping technology "Our initial 3D survey design phase involves optimizing resource utilization. We use scanned geo-referenced topographic 7.5 minute USGS quad sheets in a 3-D design package to visualize everything on a topographic base - pipelines, highways, cultural areas, power lines, etc. Since Tobin has provided the Digital OrthoMaps with 1 meter pixels over the project, we can accurately place the shot points in less encumbered areas. By avoiding smaller tracts where the source or receiver lines barely touch the tract, the survey design can be adjusted, reducing the number of permits as well in rural, cultivated areas," he explained. "We offset the receiver locations to decrease the cost of permit agents whenever possible, to better manage receiver locations in culturally dense areas. Up-front utilization of property maps also minimizes compensation to farmers for crop damages due to surface clearing." On a recent 18 square mile project, DDD experienced total cost savings for permits and permitting of $3,040 per square mile. More from

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