PPDM to recruit new Leader (October 1998)

The Calgary-based Public Petroleum Data ModelAssociation (PPDM) has plans to raise its profile, work on expansion of its data model andfocus on ‘business-driven’ solutions. Plans include the appointment of a newExecutive Director with responsibilities for growth, marketing strategies and revenuegeneration.

The Public Petroleum Data Model Association (PPDM) has been developing a more comprehensive strategic plan to ensure continued growth and success focused on Model expansion and business-driven solutions. Plans include a larger role for the PPDM Executive Director, with increased emphasis on growth, marketing strategies and revenue generation. As a result of the redesign and expanded time commitment of the position, the PPDM Board has initiated a CEO search process with open competition. In the interim period until at least February, 1999, the PPDM Board of Directors has extended and expanded the contracts with their current Co-Executive Directors, Mel Huszti and Mary Kai Manson, and has invited them to enter the competition. PPDM is seeking leadership from a CEO qualified to market the business benefits of PPDM membership, participation and products. Candidates will be required to have a broad technical and business understanding of the application of IT in the petroleum industry, and will have a network of senior contacts with oil and gas companies, software vendors, data vendors, regulatory agencies, and allied organizations. Details are posted at www.ppdm.org

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