Open Works Release 98 – Real Soon Now! (October 1998)

Landmark has announced the imminent release ofRelease 98 of its interpretation suite. Release 98 will include SeisWorks 1998 (note Y2Kcompliant moniker!) with new performance enhancements for very large fault and well data.

Release 98 is Landmark's second synchronized release of more than 20 of Landmark's applications. Release 98 includes new functionality, performance improvements, expanded integration, further POSC migration, and support for a number of new products. In addition, the company will also soon announce Release 98Plus, Landmark's Year 2000-compliant version of Release 98 (that should be Release 1998Plus surely). John Gibson, Landmark executive vice president, Integrated Products Group. "We've worked extensively with our large worldwide installed base on the development and testing of SeisWorks 1998, which allows even faster, more accurate decisions through integrated information. We are also collaborating with our clients on training and consulting on how to work together effectively."


New integrated multidisciplinary workflows allow interpreters to enhance their structural and stratigraphic interpretations with geological and petrophysical information. Extended integration through Landmark's OpenWorks project data management environment allows asset teams to share and work with the same data-at the same time-in a common environment. As a result, team members can simultaneously share different types of information to enrich their understanding of prospects and reservoirs. A new fault mover is designed to automatically convert faults between SeisWorks, StratWorks, Z-MAP Plus, and OpenWorks. Integration with Landmark's Wellbore Planner further enhances a multidisciplinary team's ability to interpret the subsurface and plan a well interactively. Landmark has also extended SeisWorks integration to GeoGraphix PC-based SeisVision for greater flexibility. A new integration tool will allow teams to choose the technology that best fits the project at hand, while providing the scalability across multi-platform environments to share information between SeisWorks and SeisVision.

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