Life Goes on at Cogniseis - WellTie 2.0 released (September 1997)

Despite the pandemonium it's business as usual for Cogniseis who have just announced the release of WellTie 2.0, described as a new synthetic seismogram product.

Apart from what you would expect from such a product, WellTie 2.0 includes a basemap, spreadsheet-like well and geometry input, seismic data management, 2D/3D, arbitrary 3D traverses, log editing and a host of other functions. Recognized formats include LAS, LIS and digitized log files for well data and SEG-Y and Photon - or should that be CogniSeis - no sorry - GMA formats for seismic data. Well tie runs on Silicon Graphics Impact, Octane and O2 platforms as well as SUN's Ultrasparc Creator 3D series.

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