Prizm Technologies to beta first LightSIP (September 1997)

Prism Technologies will soon be commencing a formal beta program for its Data Access Facility (DAF) product followed by a first commercial release for the product early in 1998.

Prism's Data Access Facility is the product of the POSC LightSIP project and is a commercial implementation of POSC's Logical Data Access Layer. In order to familiarise the POSC community with the key benefits that the product has to offer Prism will be holding two Workshops. The first Workshop will be held in conjunction with the POSC Meeting in Oslo Norway and will be held on 25th September between 09.30am-11.30am. The second Workshop will be held in Texas USA in November (date and time TBA). The Workshops will cover the DAE Specification and business benefits, DAF Development, DAF / DAE in the lifecycle of an Epicentre Datastore, DAF and Epicentre Exchange Manager, planing DAE developments. More info from the Prism Website at or from Gregg Shenton +44 (0) 191-4913983

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