PI Stratigraphic Nomenclature (September 1997)

Petroleum Information (Erico) has just released a lexicon of stratigraphic terms for the UK continental shelf.

Stratigraphers are said to be "confused" by the migration from the old classification schema of Rhys, Deegan and Scull to the revised UKOOA/BGS Lithostratigraphic Nomenclature of the North Sea. PI's Stratigraphic Terms lexicon (STL) is an Access database developed through PI's experience of interpreting and databasing north sea stratigraphy for over 3000 wells. Added value information such as usage, age range, geographic extent, etc. complement the basic cross referenced material from the old and new schema. Instant, flexible access to stratigraphy from the desktop should allow standard and current terminology to be generated for other exploration applications. In-house stratigraphic and database terminology can be integrated with STL. More info at pi@petinf.co.uk.

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