CMPT - Deepnet and Pathfinder (September 1997)

The Center for Marine and Petroleum Technology has announced a two new programs which address very different sectors of the E&P service industry.

Pathfinder is aimed at small to medium sized companies and R&D organizations and is a funding mechanism aimed at assisting new science or innovative technology that is not yet sufficiently mature to attract other forms of public or private funding.

Pathfinder intends to spend 500,000 in its first year of operations which will grow to 1M in year five. First awards are planned for early in 1998 and the type of research program targeted is one that "shows real promise of adding to the oil and gas industry's long term viability". So any researchers currently working on ways of keeping the oil price high should be in there with a chance. For more info on Pathfinder talk to Dick Winchester on +44 1224 853400.


At the other scale of things, Deepnet is a described as a new information network for deepwater technology in the form of a global network of knowledge on deepwater and hostile environments. CMPT has realized the benefits that the industry can gain from an independent information network open to industry. Deepnet will be going live in September 1997 through an Internet bulletin board and discussion forum. Open to oil and gas companies, contractors, government departments, research and technology organizations and universities anywhere in the world Deepnet users will be able to trade information with their peers in other organizations. So far 19 organizations have coughed up the 1000 joining fee. These include BP, Marathon, Texaco and Baker-Hughes. More info from Irene Hepburn +44 1224 853400.

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