ER Mapper supplies Microsoft Flight Simulator Group (August 1997)

Those of you who are wont to fritter away their idle hours playing games on their computer may be interested to know that ER Mapper has won a contract to supply Microsoft with their software.

Microsoft will use this to process images for their products such as Flight Simulator. While this may be considered a frivolous observation for PDM (well it is August, the data management silly season!) the specs required by Microsoft make interesting reading.

I/O for all image types

ARC/Info and GIS integration

Vector processing

2D/3D imagery

Mosaicing and subsetting of images

Compositing capability for mosaics

Interpolating between images of different scales

On screen digitizing

Rectification and Georeferencing

World-wide map projections

False color and 3D rendering

This just goes to show that there is a lot of potential synergy between game software and the world of scientific computing. If you doubt this look at the joint venture between SGI and Nintendo and check out the 3D graphics on your kid's 64bit GamePerson!

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