GeoQuest develops Qatar database (August 1997)

GeoQuest has been awarded a $2.5 million contract by Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (QGPC) for a well log database population project.

The contract calls for GeoQuest to work with QGPC, the national oil and gas company of Qatar, to develop an online well log database. The log database will create a 4-year history of data from the three main fields operated by QGPC, including the Dukhan field, the largest and oldest oil field in Qatar. According to Ahmed Sidiqqi, QGPC's petroleum engineering manager, the objective of the well log database project is to have a centralized repository of all relevant petrophysical and geological information. This database will assist the Petroleum Engineering Department's professionals in the exhaustive and efficient use of the available data, allowing better petrophysical and geological characterization of our reservoirs, said Sidiqqi. The database will significantly enhance efficiency, thus saving on manpower costs over the long run. GeoQuest was selected because of its experience in handling such projects and its ownership of the GeoFrame and Finder systems, selected by QGPC.


Starting in October, GeoQuest and QGPC professionals will load data from 700 wells, 6,000 tapes and 185 wells with Repeat Formation Tester information (RFT) into the Finder integrated data management system. The work will include scanning 20,000 feet of film and digitizing 50 million curve feet. Most of the work will be done in Doha, Qatar, by GeoQuest experts in log data, log editing and data management. In addition to populating the database, GeoQuest will support QGPC users as the database goes live. "We are pleased to partner with QGPC to create this important database," said Benoit Barbier, vice president of GeoQuest Middle East. "Establishing long-term technical alliances with our large national clients is one of our major business objectives." Ongoing data management projects include work for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

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