New Publisher for PDM (August 1997)

Message from publisher Andrew McBarnet

This month's issue of Petroleum Data Manager marks a transition, hopefully transparent to you the subscriber. However, you should know that from this issue, PDM will be published by The Data Room, the company run by Neil McNaughton, PDM's Editor since we started in July 1996. The change is simply a 'moving on' as far as my company Themedia is concerned. I believe that we have created a very valid publication which meets a genuine need for information and comment on one of the key areas in the petroleum industry today. Our relevance has been reflected by the loyal and growing following which PDM has built up. It is gratifying to know also that each issue stirs discussion and debate suggesting that we have been 'hitting the spot' with our coverage. It was always PDM's purpose to keep a critical eye on all developments in the field and I believe that we have honored that commitment with forceful viewpoints based on solid argument. Long may this continue ... Needless to say I have no doubt that Neil is just the man to take PDM forward and enhance its status as a 'must read' every month for anyone with an interest in the future of data management in this industry.

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