Update for GeoScene and DAEX (August 1997)

Oilfield Systems has released Version 3.5 of both GeoScene and DAEX. GeoScene is Oilfield Systems’ geological workstation for earth scientists in exploration and production of oil and gas.

Features included in GeoScene 3.5 are a new 3D viewing package ProVista fully integrated with Correlation Builder and cross section tools; color infill between surfaces in the Correlation Builder; multiple picks for a surface in a well; arbitrarily complex deviations including decreasing 7VD with increasing MD and proportional spacing between well in the Correlation Builder display. DAEX 3.5 is the latest version of Oilfield Systems’ data exchange solution. It provides a framework for building, testing and running data exchanges between standard and non-standard systems. The following links are now supported:- Landmark's Open Works 3.1 and Open Works 4.1; Schlumberger/ GeoQuest's Geoshare; PPDM 3.1; Mincom's Geolog 6.11; CGG Petrosystems' IntegralPlus; Interfaces into Oracle databases using SQL plus a wide variety of standard file formats such as LIS, LAS, DLPS and FODIA.

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