Panther’s latest AppTrack release (July 1997)

Panther Software announces their new release 2.5 of AppTrack, their software license manager.

AppTrack enables usage-based licensing, cost allocation and chargeback of software costs to users, departments and specific projects. Apptrack also offers data filtering, data reporting, and graphing - with a rich set of data presentation capabilities. AppTrack was initially a bespoke development for Landmark Graphics Corporation. Landmark's management had a need to track usage patterns to enable a usage based licensing (rental) scheme for their applications. Landmark markets Panther Software's AppTrack software around the world on a non-exclusive basis. Version 2.5 is a port to Solaris, but new functionality has been added to incorporate enhanced graphing including aborts, denials and CPU usage. Spreadsheet reporting capabilities have been added and unlicensed applications running on AIX, IRIX and HPUX can now be tracked in addition to SunOS and Solaris.

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