Coherence Technology camp ‘optimistic’ about law suit (July 1997)

The Amoco methodology covered by the patent is marketed exclusively by Coherence Technology Company, Inc. (CTC) through its Coherence Cube products. Paddy Keenan, CTC's COO said 'CTC has long maintained that Landmark's sale of its Continuity Cube program is a contributory infringement of the Amoco coherency patent

Every time the program is used, the patented method is being employed. We are optimistic that the filing of the lawsuit heralds a new era of protection of these valuable intellectual property rights. We are extremely gratified that Amoco is sending a loud, clear message to Landmark and others that infringement of these rights will not be tolerated.'' Notwithstanding the brewing storm, CTC is bullish about the Coherence Cube's future, they are even hiring! 3D interpreters, processors and technical sales engineers interested in being at the focal point of this hot technology can apply to Intriguingly, experience in ProMax and SeisWorks is considered advantageous!

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