CogniSeis becomes a Paradigm Target (July 1997)

Following the 'for sale' notice revealed in last months PDM, CogniSeis have announced the port of SeisX (an integrated 2D/3D seismic interpretation package) to Windows NT. Meanwhile, Paradigm is believed to be preparing the take-over of CogniSeis.

"With the introduction of the new Pentium Pro II systems, we are seeing the gap between UNIX systems and NT systems growing smaller," said Russ Sagert, SeisX Product Manager at CogniSeis. "More importantly, because of the larger market for NT systems, the price for this technology is considerably less than comparable UNIX systems. Our customers, therefore, will realize significant cost benefits." Mr. Sagert went on to say, "SeisX NT was designed to provide the same comprehensive functionality of UNIX-based interpretation systems but at a significantly lower overall cost by taking advantage of the price differential between NT and UNIX systems. We believe that SeisX NT is the right choice for the value minded interpreter."


Meanwhile, the talk of the town at SEG Istanbul convention was of an imminent take-over of CogniSeis by Paradigm Geophysical. Paradigm, founded in 1988 has build up a strong reputation for high-tech interpretative seismic processing particularly with its GeoDepth product for depth/velocity model building and depth imaging. Industry sources commented that there appeared a good fit between the Paradigm and CogniSeis product lines. CogniSeis can be found on the Internet at and Paradigm at

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