Facelift for ArcView GIS front-end (June 1997)

ESRI’s ArcView, the GIS front end used by Petroconsultants (see last month's PDM) and by Landmark in OpenExplorer is getting a facelift with the release of a suite of extensions.

The ArcView Database Access Extension is described as a major update to the current Database Themes extension. The Database Access extension provides a single, consistent interface to data stored in either Spatial Database Engine (SDE) Version 3.0 or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant databases. Users will now be able to make standard SQL queries on any SDE database without the overhead of creating local copies of the query result. Data can also be retrieved as a result of joining several tables in the database together, and users can now access data from multiple databases at the same time. The ArcView Database Access extension is also specifically designed to leverage the features provided by SDE Version 3.0. The ArcView Dialog Designer extension provides Avenue developers with an interactive, easy-to-use dialog design tool for enhancing or customizing the ArcView GIS user interface. This fully integrated cross-platform extension provides a rich set of interface tools for building data input forms, custom tool palettes, and other sophisticated application dialogs that can include selectable scrolling lists, drop-down lists, radio buttons, and other common interface components. Other extensions include. ArcPress, a graphics metafile rasterizer, ArcView 3D Analyst which will provide a suite of tools for the creation, analysis, and display of surface data, and the ArcView Internet Map Server, described as an out-of-the-box map publishing tool for the World Wide Web.

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