PDVSA and GeoQuest Sign Service Agreement (May 1997)

GeoQuest has signed a service agreement for the management of PDVSA's exploration and production (E&P) integrated applications and data environment.

"The choice of GeoQuest is a strategic decision that allows us to perform a technological jump and obtain the needed level of services to meet the challenges that confront our company," said Juan Szabo, coordinator for E&P for PDVSA. GeoQuest will be responsible for the database management, data delivery and applications support to PDVSA and its affiliates. Services will be delivered from 17 different sites throughout Venezuela. PDVSA's business plan calls for the company to double production capacity to 6.2 million BOPD over the next 10 years. To do this, Venezuela has opened the oil industry to foreign investors and is working to optimize processes and the use of resources. "The implementation of a quality E&P information management program, which is very important for the oil industry due to the exponential increase of data that modern technology makes available to the geoscientists, is crucial to Venezuela due to the opening of the oil industry to foreign investment," said Alberto Nicoletti, vice president of GeoQuest Latin America. "GeoQuest will be providing the technology, consulting and technical support to help PDVSA implement its corporate strategy to achieve substantial improvements in productivity and to increase its competitive advantage."


The supported environment comprises two main components. First is a common database for PDVSA and its affiliates, where all information generated from the exploration, the production and the reservoir characterization is stored and managed. This common database solution is being implemented using the GeoQuest Finder data management system. The second component involves the integration of specialized applications required to support the different processes in E&P, such as seismic interpretation, geological analysis and production engineering. Szabo pointed out that the established relationship with GeoQuest is a win-win situation. "PDVSA will work together with GeoQuest, keeping the objective to constantly increase the quality of data services and applications and also the quality of the processes that manage

information, which will consequently bring significant increases in productivity," he said.

Single contact

The service contract was signed by Szabo and Nicoletti. Also present were Claus Graf, vice president of PDVSA, Gustavo Inciarte, director of PDVSA, Nelson Nava, chief information officer of PDVSA, Rex Ross, president of GeoQuest and Magne Sveen, vice president of Operations for GeoQuest. As called for by this service agreement, GeoQuest is the single point of contact and is responsible for the services related to the integrated applications and data environment. In addition, GeoQuest is teaming with INTESA, a joint venture between SAIC and PDVSA, to deliver infrastructure support and to organize and manage help desk operations. PDVSA's charter is the development of petroleum, petrochemical and coal industries for the Republic of Venezuela. Its main objective is planning, co-ordinating and supervising and controlling the activities of its subsidiaries, both in Venezuela and abroad.

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