Mincom offers Geolog6 on NT platform (May 1997)

Brisbane based software developer Mincom have released their petrophysical analysis software GEOLOG6 on a Windows NT 3.5 & 4.0 platform.

The NT release offers identical functionality and interface as the already established production releases of GEOLOG6 on Solaris and SGI platforms, through development of common code. Data movement between platforms is accomplished via an export format known as Geolog ASCII. Export of data to and from third party packages may be easily achieved by the use of industry standard file formats including: LIS, DLIS, BIT, SEG-Y, LAS and Flat ASCII. A Geoshare half link will be available for NT in mid-97, enhancing connectivity options into corporate databases. With modest hardware overheads, the NT port of GEOLOG6 should finally bring the power of UNIX workstations into the desktop and portable arena, with the consequential cost and productivity benefits of the PC environment.

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