POSC release Epicentre V2.2 snapshot (May 1997)

POSC have just announced the snapshot (i.e. Beta) release of Version 2.2 of the POSC Software Integration Platform specifications.

Version 2.2 is being made publicly available at this time to "stimulate and support feedback and testing of these specifications before the full release".

The SIP is described as "a set of specifications for an advanced environment for petroleum technical computing. POSC's software integration platform is a consistent interface layer defined between E&P technical application programs and their operating environment. The environment includes data, computer hardware/system software facilities, and users, as illustrated below. This enables the portability and interoperability of applications and data."

New in this release are

Bug fixes galore

Improvements compatible with v2.1

Alliance driven improvements

Complete documentation in HTML

More examples and standard values

Web-based distribution

Progress reports

General Release of the new SIP is scheduled for July 1997 and POSC request comments on both the content and style of the specifications to next-release@posc.org.

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